Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Not much news, work and a "new" hobby?

I've always had a wee little thing for the prop-making world. After all, they do what I do... in reality. Kinda... eh you get what I mean!

Either way. I'm getting some help from one of my girlfriends friends that knows a good deal about this stuff so I'm learning something every day since I keep pestering him with my questions and theories. It seems like I have an ok understanding about it but I bet I'll mess up big if i get started... if!

I still have to decide if I should take the plunge, expensive hobby (which hobby isn't?) haven't decided fully what my first virgin piece should be either and I don't have a workshop... tiny london apartment. Oh well, We'll see. It's very interesting and enjoyable to read about and watch tutorials on though.

Also, I'm pretty tired right now. Doing a lot of work right now but man is it gonna pay off. You'll love it when you see it! And just to have a picture in the blog entry. Here's the key ring we got from work this christmas (among other things). :)

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