Thursday, November 3, 2016

Spectra paintover exercise.

Rearranging this post a bit so you can step forward through the progress. I uploaded the images one by one before but now they're collected.

 Here's the first and maybe final version of the final draft. Depends on feedback.


Base version

A bit to early to show but I'm exploring some various techniques and having a good ol' rock and roll time testing things out.

Got some issues with my monitor at home being much brighter than the one I have at work for example. Need to calibrate my stuff.

Anyway, Next up, fix the boxes, the character and maybe add a little drone-thing floating about.

Had family over this week so I didn't get that much done but I've been working more on the character and polishing some smaller details here and there. 

I'm nearing completion I think. I want to do more paintovers! Still, i'm not gonna rush this. I want to get all the elements I want in first and do them well!

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