Thursday, July 14, 2016

Spectra Dump #1

Videos and screens! Check the thread on unreal too!

I've started streaming when I work. Either twitter ( ) or follow on twitch to be aware of when it's time. We do fun stuff, had alot of chat interaction today and casual talk which was very fun.

Lore dump and project planning and structuring coming up but here's some visual blocking out goodies (Please note the art will be nice in the end and that this is just a ROUGH block out).
Here's the blockout of the key areas of interest and a bit of the initial flow. 

Upcoming / To do as soon as possible
* Blockout ruined base and come up with a nice little puzzle to activate / fix the antenna and figure out how to actually do it too! ;)
* Write down lore, dialogue and brief and collect it (it's in small notes here and there now).

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