Tuesday, August 13, 2013

BASS - Big ass spider sentinel - More blocking in.

I'm still doing alot of experimentation but I'm liking the bulk it's getting in the front view. I'm gonna do more exciting stuff with the sideview as it's a bit plain right now (still blocking it out) . There's gonna be animated plates and extra stuff folding out. 

In short here's a few of my thoughts on where to go next.

  • Sort out the neck too, it's too long.
  • Try adding two front leg/arm things aswell and see if i can make it look good.
  • Get a better shape of the behind-body up.
  • Add room and space for animated plates and stuff. I'm thinking iron man suit kinda plates but bulkier. AI drone / Pilotable.
  • Body longer. More slanted.

The character model is a basemesh from Arshlevon, using it for scale. 

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