Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wow. This game... wooooow.... this game...

Just finished Dead Space 2, spent most evenings after work playing it this week and all I can say is bravo!, Finely crafted enjoyable and freaky as hell game. I'm not into the whole gorey, bloody, super violent and nasty thing but damn it, they do it well!

It's quite visual... in a "you'll be messed up in your head forever after"-way. Some scenes were especially cringeworthy... step 3 anyone!? the intro!? I also managed to feel super sorry for Isaac and the whole Nicole business.

Anyway, GO... PLAY... THIS... GAME!!!, Might have to do a new weapon, dead space 2 style. Could combine it with another thing I'm planning to do instead of what I had originally planned for. *cough cough*

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