Saturday, January 29, 2011


Been spending this whole week sick (did go to work for a turn to finish stuff) but that just made me sicker, heh, shit sucks... it's first now I'm feeling "ok". I still have an irritating cough and the ocassional sniffles but at least the throat is a-ok now. I think I had a milder case of the flu and then a cold... maybe they combined forces? All i know is, it sucked and I had the manliest voice on earth. Deep like a dragongrowl.

I've forced myself to actually take it cool (and chug huge amounts of tea) and not work while home so I can actually relax for once and get better. It was hard but I made it.

Decided to do some gaming and watch a ton of series, what else is there to do when sick? So yeah, gaming. I was mucking around with Rift quite a bit, got no other game in my life right now so why not? It's pretty fun actually. Gonna play around in the next beta event aswell and we'll see if I get it.

PS: What's up with all the plate bikinis? I'm supposed to be a warrior, not a lingerie model. Guess I'm getting old :(

Developers are naughty people it seems.
Snowstorm, dungeon. Pretty cool... but loooooong.
My look at the end of beta 5.
How I looked majority of the time.
First entering the cursed woods with my new horsey. Good times.

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