Sunday, January 16, 2011


Here's a few things that's been going on in my life.

Currently living in London and working at Rocksteady LTD on Batman 2: Arkham City. Couldn't be happier, it's a great place and I learn a ton of new stuff. I previously worked at Splash Damage on a short term contract (2months), I worked on Brink during that time.

Here's the latest trailer from the game.

Oh yeah. Maybe should mention that me and a bunch of friends all got let go from Funcom due to economical reasons so that's why I'm not there anymore, Took me a few months to redo the portfolio but now I'm back in action and I'm in a much stronger position than ever before.

Here's some art from me. It's a bit old now but I hope you guys like it. For more check my portfolio.

Learnt Maya for this enviro piece. It got me the gig at Splash Damage luckily.

A work in progress. Urgh. So ugly now that I know more about UDK.

Placed top 7-15 in this challenge. Don't know final position.

My current work in progress.

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